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Isaiah Eddington
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United States
This is going to be odd, but I love recieving art. However, the art I make is kinda different. Wanna know why? Because I submit audio art. Please check out my soundcloud if you're interested.

I make songs on Soundcloud of anykind. I'm trying to put together the prices.
Also, I still create symbols, and for 5USD i will create one for you. I have no slot limit either.

Hello, I'm Isaiah Eddington. I'm 18 and recite in Massachusetts. Since I was nine years old, I've been into making my own music, but since I was very little, I've always loved visual art. I used to draw a lot, but since the discovery of music production, I've put that aside. I like to do light photomanipulation from time to time, but I don't consider it anything special. Deviantart is full of talented artists. I've met many nice people over the last decade or so (not that i've always had the same account.) I'm heavily interested in Japanese content and concepts. I have been learning a bit of the language for a while. I plan to visit someday. Though I play a little guitar on the side, I love being a computer musician. (I'm so sorry. I'm not good at writing bios. I don't really enjoy describing myself so much.) is my soundcloud.


Miu (by Hometea) by Klutchmusic
Miu (by Hometea)
This was a commission presented by
She did such an amazing job.
Please check her out and give her a nice welcome to Deviantart. 
Miu by Klutchmusic
Miu is a character I've been developing for years. She's the main character of a story i've been writing, and the main character around my conceptual music. 

I really don't have any idea why I feel the need to post this. It's probably because I come on Deviant Art and browse images and what not, but I've also forgotten that there once was a time when I posted images for people to browse. Lately, photo editing hasn't been part of my priorities. I'm more focused on my music. I wish I could list out the number of planned projects. I'm starting to miss the point in doing so though. I post so many songs, but I don't seem to be getting much further. I think I've reached my peek, until I actually get discovered by a label or something, or until I start spending lots of money on towards my music so I CAN be discovered. I recently released a new album. It's called ありがとう
Feel free to check that out. 

After typing that, I kinda remembered why I'm posting here again. I saw that some of my Soundcloud fans actually look at my DeviantART. I think it's funny, because I don't even post art here anymore. I'll start doing so again. The only minor issue is, the art won't be so genuine. It will be more or less the cover art for my songs. I handle my own cover art, so why not?

Also, school's starting again, and I'll be starting my senior year of High School. I feel that of all the years of school I've experienced thus far, my junior year was the most influential and interesting. I went through a lot of events (chapters, as I want to call them). Some were sad, some were awesome. But these are the things that inspire me to make the music that I love to produce so much. 
I'll be honest, I'm probably one of the least socially involved peopled you'll ever meet. But, this year, I pushed myself to become more social. That led to a chain of events. 

One of the biggest downers... actually... the biggest downer was not being able to go to Japan. I studied the language diligently, but ultimately, finance wasn't quite right and things crashed and burned. But I won't say it's a total loss. I learned things about myself and a country I've always admired. There's still a chance in the future, but when that time comes, I'll need to have a plan. I thought about it. I kept saying "OMG I WANT TO MIGRATE TO JAPAN!!!!!!!" but realistically speaking, I've never been there, so saying that would make no sense. 

I started off using Rosetta Stone before any other resource. Before I settled with Anki (my number one favorite resource) there were so many different learning methods I went through. But the Anki program made Japanese seem so easy. I recognized so many Kanji, and phrases. One thing I'll have to work on is my Hiragana. I recognize Katakana so well, but that's because it's far more common. It's not that they are too hard (perhaps very easy) to remember, but I just rarely see Hiragana unless it's a particle. I use Obenkyo (Android app) when I need to study that. 

My school doesn't have a Japanese learning class, so I signed up for Chinese 1. The only issue is, it's NOT Japanese, and despite what ignorant people would say, they are TOTALLY DIFFERENT LANGUAGES. Some symbols the two have in common, but it's rare. I couldn't say too much, I only know a few components of Chinese. That would be the first three numbers of the number system (Yi Er San... Si... Wo... that's where I stop). I'm not quite sure if it will help me in the future like Japanese would. There are a lot of Chinese Films I watched in the past. Maybe I'll go back and watch them. Next topic...

I hope this upcoming and final school year (before college) can outshine the previous ones. Not just for my High School career, but my social life, and also my occupation as a computer musician. And I hope to be able to speak Japanese far more fluently. I feel that I'm making awesome progress. I've reverted to watching anime again. I stopped because I couldn't find anything original... besides fan-service and utter randomness (which isn't always so bad). But it amazes me when I recognize a word that was spoken. Soon I probably will not need subs. Then I'll be able to write Japanese lyrics and program them into Vocaloid, to add to my songs that lack vocals. 

 じゃあね!!! (Will write more and post photos.) 
 (^ _ ^)/

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